Take a look at the interviews with our guests. 

11 Feb.’19 – Marleen te Vaanholt Author and motivator. “Overcoming shame.”
Marleen shares her life story in which she, through the power of music and self-reflection, passes the shame of living with HIV, undergoing domestic violence and a psychosomatic disorder. Discover how you can still live a positive, powerful and happy life despite such intense experiences and be grateful for everything you have experienced.

04 Feb.’19 – Mikki Brown, Lifestyle mentor and make-up artist. “A quest for authenticity.”
Being Yourself can be a challenge from time to time. Yet that is the greatest gift you can give yourself. As a little girl of one and a half, Mikki gets a serious accident. She takes us into her story in which she, as a teenager, is looking for who she really was and how she is now being the best version of herself every day.

29 Jan.’19 – Petrie van Dorp, Studio Chi “I am not crazy, I am unique!”
Unwanted, insecure and yet intimidating? How is that possible? Petrie shares her story of how she developed from unwanted, insecure, tall blonde teen, to the self-confident, powerful woman she is today. The lessons she learned gave her the wisdom to deal with her daughter’s depression later on in life.